Give Me Your List

If you’ve got an idea of what you want me to shoot. Just talk to me. I can give you a good idea of the fees involved. My rates are reasonable and my quality is a guarantee. I can’t really give you a firm price without knowing in some detail what your needs are.

I shoot weddings, events, food, resort & vacation homes, portraiture, and so one. Most of my resort work is really a mix of ALL of those. Yes, there’s even been a few faux weddings for commercial work at a few resorts. Once we speak and I get some firm details from you I can get you going. Looking forward to speaking with you!

About Me

I simply love photography and enjoy capturing moments in life that can be shared and enjoyed by others around me. I like that the images are permanent and can be really gone over again and again. It’s my take on a slice of life.

I’ve always had an interest in the arts. It waned as I went through my years in university but always really did lament that I “couldn’t” be an artist. I went through a decade of the business world in the corporate world. Eventually I ended back in Indiana (USA) and found myself doing some pretty intense expedition caving in Southeast United States, Alabama (USA) was the center of it.

Finally after years, a manufacturer produced a small waterproof point and shot (APSC sensor) point and shoot around 1996. It would last about 3 months before it died, each time. However my passion for the arts was reignited. As more and more fun underground unfolded my photography did as well.

The business world faded and adventure took it’s place. I also exited the business world to become a special education teacher. I was everywhere from the Arctic Circle on top of Mt. Thor to densest jungles underground in Central America. All said and done I spent almost four and half years on the road with smaller outings from a week to a couple of months wandering in between. My camera was always by my side.

After a caving expedition in Central Mexico I wandered to Belize in 1998, and stayed. Initially I had no idea where it was. Someone even told me east of Guatemala and south of Mexico. It drew a complete blank. I did have six extra weeks to blow. So off I went.

I wandered through Belize and eventually settled in Cayo District. It was warm, friendly, and honestly made more money as a photographer under the table than I did teaching. Eventually life, love, and work made me setting along the coast. I’m still here and living with my two children. Best things that ever happened to me. Who knew?

Now I’m a full time photographer. I capture just about everything. It’s not just expedition work and grand landscape anymore. I shoot weddings, events, architectural, food, and portraiture. I’m now even getting into astrophotography and want to try my hand at fine art photography. My work has been featured in most of the local publications but of note would be the New York Times, Discovery Magazine, and Sports Illustrated. There are others I’m sure.

Thanks for visiting my site and reading this bio if you made it this far. Check out my work and let me know if there’s something I can capture for you. I’d love to do it.

Best Regards,

Benedict Kim, Photographer

PS: I will eventually do a self portrait and post it. Or maybe something with my children by my side. I’ll get to it.